Tomiris Review | Released in 2019

Movie: Tomiris
Year: 2019
Duration: two and a half hours
Rating: 6.3
Country: Kazakhstan 

Five hundred years before Christ, when the name of Cyrus the Great (Cyrus the Great) was ringing in the world and his rule was established over half the world, and he was longing for overcoming the remainder of the world.. He learned that a tribe in the Eurasian desert (now Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan), had revolted and killed its envoy. Upon hearing this news, he decided to teach the Massagetae tribe a lesson.

Cyrus, who defeated the largest armies in the world, was opposed by an army of only a few tribes, led by a female chief of the Massagetae tribe, Tomiris.

Tomiris review
Source: IMDb

This is the story of a girl who not only lost the shadow of her parents in her childhood but also wandered in the desert due to a rebellion in the tribe. But she was determined to inherit her father’s inheritance. And then she not only returned to her tribe, but she taught the army of a great king a lesson that became part of history.

The Kazakh film “Dastan-e-Tomiris”, released in 2019, consists of two parts in terms of story. The first part is the story of how Tomiris wandered from birth to boyhood and then finally she was sheltered by a tribe whose chief’s daughter, Sardana, befriended him and the relationship lasted till the end. The second part is the story of the intelligence and foresight of Sardar Tomiris. While the first part seems a bit slow, the second part is full of curiosity and thrill.

The earliest mention of Thomas in history is found in the writings of the Greek historian Herodotus. Many other historians have also written about his life based on it. In the first scene, a handsome luminous face is seen writing the story of Tomiris in Arabic. The character is that of the well-known Muslim scholar, Muhammad bin Abu Nasr al-Farabi, who narrated the story of the film. The film figures out how to engage just as advice. The ways of life and tribes of ancient times are well illustrated.

Tomiris review
Source: IMDb

The experience of portraying a Central Asian female character as a heroine was undoubtedly the best. A female character who became an example of bravery. All the actors have done a good job but the acting of the main actors has also been good. Thomas’s thought-provoking face, his bright eyes, his anger, his love for his partner, and the thought of the tribesmen at all times are reflected in his impressions.

The film has an IMDb rating of 6.3, largely due to claims by many that it contains fabricated events and why ancient tribes have been cast as Kazakhstani actors because the current population of Kazakhstan belongs to these tribes, and their faces are different.

A section was also unhappy with the offer of the role of Cyrus. But, as the English name of the film “The Legend of Tomiris” shows, it is a story with a mixture of real characters and fiction. ۔ The film was specially produced by Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Culture and the film’s production is excellent.

Unfortunately, we have content from only a few countries that adorn our cinema screens, TV screens, or mobile screens, and we are deprived of high-quality content from other countries. The scenes of this film are so beautiful and the imagery is so great that it would have been more fun to watch it on the big screen.

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