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The Corona epidemic also silenced the Indian film industry this year. But surprisingly, compared to Bollywood, the South Indian film industry has become or is becoming somewhat more active, such as … Big budget films like “K.G.F Chapter 2”, “RRR”,  and “Master” have stirred the audience and kept them active in the discussion on social media.

Just a few days ago, Rakim had traveled from Hyderabad (Telangana) to Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) to attend a function. The journey took three and a half to four hours by bus. Comfortable seats and a quiet ride on the Garuda AC bus. In such cases, it was usually a habit to make a playlist of selected songs of the sixties and eighties on the VLC player in the mobile and back-to-back with headphones on!

This time too, while doing so, she was staring at the TV in front of her. In a short while, she forgot the song playlist and focused all her attention on the TV movie. Although the film was in Telugu (and our Telugu bus is worth the work), the English subtitles made it easy. The film was Tamil superstar Suriya’s Tamil-Telugu dubbing “Aakasam Nee Haddura (Sky is the Limit)”.

soorari pottru
Source: IMDb

A few days ago, Google released the Indian Google Search Trends data for the year 2020. And in the field of film search, two films have been searched by most Indian users:
First: The last film of the late Shant Singh Rajput “Dil Bechara” (Released in July)
Second: Tamil superstar Suriya’s “Soorarai Potrru” (Released in November)

And this is the same Tamil film whose Telugu version got a chance to watch the bus journey in such a way that it is not known when the film ended and when the bus journey also came to an end. It is also a coincidence that the Tamil actor was first introduced to Suriya from a Telugu film “Gang” (January 2018) seen in Kurnool and his acting skills were compared to Ajay Devgn’s similar film “Red”. While doing so, he had to admit that acting is more than just Suriya.

This movie can definitely be rated as an inspirational movie. Anyway, it is borrowed from a real event or movement. Almost all the reputable film critics have given this film four and a half or four stars out of five. The film, based on some important events in the life of Gopinath, a retired Captain of the Indian Army, tells how an adventurous and enthusiastic man dreamed of launching the cheapest airline for the masses. Despite the difficulties, it was finally completed.

There are so many emotional scenes in the film that the filmmaker sometimes feels the saltiness of tears in his throat. Be it a scene of asking for financial help from passengers at the airport to visit your sick father or getting frustrated at the failure of your plan and rushing to the roof at once. Here the memorable role of Sir Kamal Haasan comes to mind that …

In the movie “Nayakan”, Kamal Haasan is sitting helplessly on the lap of his only son’s body and his facial expressions show that he is unable to understand whether he cried or screamed or killed himself. It’s just worth watching the scene, so in this context, Suriya’s emotional acting will also have to be praised.

Soorari pottru
Source: IMDb

This is the first entry of Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal in a Tamil film. Paresh Goswami, the man who overcame individual hardships and worries to start “Jazz Airlines” and brought it to its peak so that others could learn from its ambition, selfless spirit, and hard work. But when Suriya goes to him for help in launching its airline “Deccan Air”, Paresh’s cold and hostile attitude … forces us to understand that no matter how well-intentioned and mentor a great man may be, materialism prevails when it comes to self-examination.

Reactive dialogue in a warm emotional tone takes the actor to the status of an artist: “Kya aasmaan in k ijdaad ki jageer hai? zara tyare ko utaro to sahi, main nipatta hon in see. ”

A few applauses from the back seats of the bus, otherwise there would have been full applause if there was a theater.

Usually, the role of the heroine in such films is a bit suppressed, as in the Hindi film “Padman”. But the feminine role in the film is on an equal footing because they both have their own tunes, the heroine’s concern for the promotion and development of her bakery, and the hero’s desire to set up the cheapest airline. And the rage is that the two get married despite their ideological differences.

Source: IMDb

Then there are the problems of practical, mental, and emotional conflict that arise in married life. The film also reflects them on the ground and naturally, not as dramatic as Bollywood movies.

The last part of the film is the life of the film.
After a series of failures, the hero “Maara” when, through the sympathetic cooperation of his friends, book lovers, and his villagers, became the cheapest airline in the country, Deccan Air. When he succeeds and starts the inaugural flight, there is only one passenger: the hero’s wife!

So is the opening flight canceled?
Did the whole struggle of our hero fail?
Is the country’s cheapest airline plan just a dream?
You will find the answers to these questions only after watching a movie.

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