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Whether you are struggling to remove curls or sleeping on lost hair, there are a lot of hair care issues that plague everyone. If you are like us, you are always looking for a new hack to fix your hair problems. Do not believe everything you see online, today’s topic is about hair, hair tips, and myths.

7 Common Hair Myths

We will break down the myths about hair care and the truth!

Plucking Premature white Hair, Causes It To Grow Further In Its Place.

As far as I know about the concept of gray hair, I have also heard about this myth. I can not begin to understand what is the way of thinking behind this myth but do not worry people, it is completely wrong.

Let’s analyze in-depth why grey hair occurs. Your hair will turn gray only when the pigment in the hair follicle is over. So no, the couple of hairs surrounding that one grey hair aren’t just going to give in to peer pressure and turn white. As long as the pigment in your hair follicles is alive, your hair will retain its natural color.

Your Shampoo And Conditioner Should Be Off the Same Brand

Haircare companies really would love if you believe this but honestly, using the shampoo and conditioner of the same brand makes no significant difference.
In fact, using products that are specifically suited to your scalp and the ends of your hair will benefit you more.

So using different targeted products is a better idea than giving in to OCD and using products of the same brand or range.

Cold Water Makes Your Hair Shiny

This is partly true, a last cold water rinse can help your conditioner work better but, starting with a warm shower is really what your shampoo needs. Hot water and cold water both have their own benefits on your hair.

The warm water helps open up your follicles and cleanse your hair more thoroughly. Meanwhile, ending with a cool hair rinse cleanses your hair of any residual product while retaining the benefits of the moisturizing ingredients.

Trimming Help Hair Grow Faster

I’ve always found this hack confusing. If your hair grows out of your scalp, what effect can trim the ends of your hair really have? I’m happy to say that my concerns were well-founded.

Trimming your hair frequently has only one benefit, you are less likely to have split ends. But when it comes to hair growth, it’s your scalp that needs attention, not your ends. Embrace oiling and head massages since they promote blood circulation to your follicles, in turn making your hair grow faster.


Dandruff Is Contagious

There are many things in the world that are contagious, colds, lice, laughter, but dandruff, however, isn’t one of them! Dandruff is caused by irritation on your scalp due to hair products or could affect someone with a dry scalp and a lack of shampooing.

If you have dandruff, there’s no need to quarantine yourself for it! All you need to do is add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo and cleanse your scalp well. Let the antibacterial ingredient do what it does best!

You Can’t Wash Your Hair Daily

If you have ever heard that washing your hair more frequently can actually have an adverse effect on your hair and make it oilier, you’re not alone!

Considering that frequent washing does strip your hair of its natural oils, there’s a really easy way to maintain a clean scalp in the summers, without compromising on your natural hair oils.

Using an extremely gentle shampoo is exactly what you need if you work out frequently or have an oily scalp. This allows you to wash your hair as often as you need to feel clean!


Hair Dryer Damage Your Hair

I have a feeling that this myth has been perpetrated by all the moms out there who staunchly believe that any kind of hair tools are the definition of hair evils.

Well, I’m sorry mom but hair drying doesn’t necessarily damage your hair! Pairing your hair drying process with a heat protectant can definitely cut out some heat damage. When it comes to hair growth unless you somehow manage to burn your follicles in the process of drying your hair, your hairdryer and your hair growth rate are completely unrelated!

So, these were the truths behind some of your most commonly believed hair myths.


4 Easy Hair Tips For Healthy Hair And Scalp

Daily care for hair fall is your ultimate trump card. Thick, voluminous locks contribute to satisfying a woman’s sense of self-care. Lack of proper daily diet, heat loss, improper towel drying, and excessive washing can all damage the hair. Don’t let that stress you out though, because we’re coming at you with this list of which ones you need to be aware of and how to combat them!

Brush The Right Way

Most of us believe we don’t need to be schooled on how to brush our hair, but honestly, there really does exist a right way to do it!

For starters, throw the word ‘brush’ out of your vocabulary, when it comes to wet hair because using one only condemns your head to broken strands that stand up and dance, escorted by a lifetime’s supply of frizz.

The correct method is to start at the bottom with a wide-tooth steel comb and slowly work your way to the top, not the other way around because this way you’re efficiently removing the knots without getting your brush tangled in the hair shaft.

Rest Your Head On Silk

This one may sound as pretentious as a french poodle, but luckily, there’s no such thing as the judgemental linen police.

So swap your regular pillowcase for a silk one. This silky scrap lubricates the hair shaft while retaining silk moisture, resulting in less breakage and less split ends. You can either buy the material yourself, or get a ready-made one at the store.

Towel Dry The Right Way

It all comes down to how you treat your hair when it’s wet because that’s when it’s at its most vulnerable. The shaft is so fragile at this point, that vigorously rubbing it down with a towel creates friction on the cuticle, weakening it further and sending it straight into the waiting arms of breakage. So always remember to press instead of rub.

Hair Hydration Is Key

The tips of your hair are the oldest portion of it and so they need just that extra little bit of TLC. Healthy hair is defined by strands that are well moisturized from root to tip.

Hair that lacks moisture is dehydrated and that is the root cause of all your hair issues from split-ends, to faded color and a frail shaft. Make sure your hair stays hydrated by either using a shampoo that does the trick, getting weekly conditioning treatments, or using a hydrating hair mask every once in a while.

There are no perfect women, just real ones, so don’t stress yourself out because doing all these small things on a daily basis is all you really need!

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