Khurum Khan

Khurum Khan is a Blogger and Event Expert. He is working on different events of whole world on my own blogs since 2016. This time he is currently working on Holly Festival 2020 and National Armed Forces Day.

Trusting People After Betrayal

The agony of betrayal hits everyone to the core. Such experiences often shatter the victim’s self-confidence and leave them as more angry, bitter, and deeply devastated individuals. Is it possible for them to ever start trusting people again? Let’s see what experts say The first thing you need is to …

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Change Your Life By Changing Your Attitude

There’s going to be things that come along that flat you so hard you won’t believe it. And then you are not happy, and life is meant to be happy. Well in those situations, what are you doing?  Why even live? But life isn’t to be happy. If you’re happy …

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Slay Your Inner Demons

Take full responsibility for everything in your life. Accept your being and the circumstances you are in. Take control of yourself and make up your mind that you’re going to take yourself where you want to go. We have two ultimate choices in life, we can either accept situations as …

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Stay Focused And Never Give Up

Where have you been? Where have you been up to this point? You look at your life,  Is it giving you what you want? Are you living on purpose? Are you living your dream? Are you acting on your ideas? The most important conversation you have is the conversation you …

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