Be Self Disciplined To Achieve Your Goals

Every day, I want you to go to bed at night, stop playing games, and be honest about successes and losses. When you know who you are, when you start living your life, you do what you have to do, and live the life you want to live. Do not wander around as a fake human being. Don’t be afraid of who you are.

Do not forget who you are. Do not forget where you come from. Give it everything you got. And if you fail, you can at least do what, you tried, I give 120% of everything I do. That is all I’m asking you to do.

Not only it is feasible for you to have your dream, but it’s necessary.  You need to have it, work on it, develop yourself, do what you want for yourself.

We train our children from the moment they are born to study not because of the love of learning, but because they will be able to pass the standard exam because their goal is to pass the standard exam, and then it will continue. And So what happens is, you blindly follow all these people with flocks like sheep. So what are you? What are the ultimate goals? Well, sure, pleasure right? But there is little joy in what are the ultimate goals that define us as leading to terrible lives. It tells us the day we die, that we should not waste it.

Most people are afraid of taking big steps in life. It’s like believing. Many of us say we believe, but we don’t really show up because if we show that we are good, take a chance in a relationship, take a chance to change jobs, a chance is contrary to wishes their parents, very few will be in those bubbles. This is very difficult for people I trust. You know it, it’s actually fear and lack of it in all sorts of life.

Every human being wants his life to grow. They will find shortcuts if you do not show them the right ways to increase them. Look at the person who goes to the bar, the person who goes to church or the temple or whatever, they are looking for the same thing they are trying to extend their lives for. Isn’t it If you do not show them the right way, they will take the available roads on the roads. It will leave you behind. You want to move forward, but it will leave you behind.

The method of filling in the unknown is fear, right? When we face a time of crisis when we are uncertain, you know, our fears come and we fill in, really the worst situation. Now we fill the worst situation and we have joy in all these dark fantasies. And these are the things we tell ourselves that is the thought of our mind. But these are not things we think we can experience as things we know.

There is a reason, and one reason is that you are stressed and that means you have a very tough idea. How the universe should be. And the universe is not playing with you. Throughout your life, you are trying to control parts of your environment, parts of the universe.

Most people in their 40s get up every morning and wonder how did I get here? Because they prefer to choose a profession before buying beer legally.

If you do not meet these two requirements, your mentality, your soul will feel lost and you will be happy but you will not be able to fulfill. And those are both development and collaboration.

What you think is only the mental boundary you have established. All human experiences originate from within. What comes from within you should be what you want, right?

So I have an invincible powerful mindset, or the ability to succeed, whatever success you have for yourself, you have to move forward because you are not growing, you are coming back, OK. But you also need a grit level and I think grit is one with the growth muscles. This is something you need to speed up through the challenge because by the challenge you will get all the changes that come with it.

We spend a lot of our emotional energy on two or three or four things that we think are wrong in our lives and completely ignore the very good 30, 40, 50, 200 things in our life

We often distance ourselves from the stage for fear of our own worst enemies, bad reviews. Maybe it’s silly, maybe it’s not, maybe you know, everyone thinks I’m closing the base here, why not everything you know? Why me? Why, anyway, I put all set-aside and I’m committed to getting to know you, enter the field. If nothing else, this is why it’s a big step for you. It is important to pay attention to those feelings because we are a strong person who tries to tell us that we can do it, that we can overcome it, that we can overcome our fear, our self-doubt, and let it go.

In my opinion, Big goals make you very excited and scare you a little. So ask yourself, does this goal scare me a little? If it doesn’t excite you you should be a little scared, you should do it because if it doesn’t scare you, you are not a big dreamer. And it excites you because if it doesn’t excite you, you are not raising the average goal or the ultimate goal.

I think a lot of successful people live on the edge of their borders, you know, and they play there too. So whenever I feel in my nervous system, I feel like I can’t. I really want to do this. Because I think that’s how we do everything if we do anything.

What comes around you may not be what you want. But what comes from within you must be what you want it to be. If you do the same as you wanted. Are you happy or sad? We are talking about consciousness, commands do not fly. Commands mean that you are trying to fix your life. Consciousness means you want to liberate your life. My intention is to liberate your life.

If you are willing to take responsibility for what you are really creating a life where you experience reality, you know, your reality is your creation. Everything is a choice. Every moment of your life is a choice.

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