Be Strong Minded and Fearless

If nature only gives you two things that inspire joy and sorrow, I want people to understand why half of them are eliminated. So many people think about avoiding life pain. Now I am here to tell you in a very controlled way, it is really about experiencing pain.

I’m going to do this if I have to break myself without getting tired and I know how powerful it is because I’m not afraid to lean into it.

If someone can make that dream come true, you have a chance to make your dream come true. So when you want to see where you want to go, you will be confident enough that it is possible.

I am 80 percent focused on the beautiful things in my life and want to bring all those things into existence. 20% of the time though, I’m in the dark man.

Do you inherit? Are you attacking your greatness? Are you surrounded by people who can play you? Are you challenging yourself? Are you using or are you learning something else? Is your life adventurous or boring? Pain plus is equivalent to reflex progression.

Are you designing and deliberately creating your life? Or are you stranded on the passenger seat of your life, pulling yourself in and guiding yourself wherever you are? So this is the difference between being a driver or being in a passenger seat. So I have to live with consciousness, which allows you to live life through design.

You will not allow this to take control of your life right now, so you will have your increased injuries. And mine is in my heart, but don’t try to make the decision that you’re not going to give it another inch. You are forgiving yourself. Give yourself a gift that is no longer taken.

When you succeed, it may not match your image. Right? It may not match what you think, but you should keep it simple. But once you get there, no matter how old you are, you will face success, courtesy, pride, or laziness. And to do this successfully, you need people around you so that you can find your true answer.

You have to face a really cruel reality, a cruel truth that what you are achieving in your life is a direct result of your beliefs. Your beliefs control your thoughts, your thoughts control your actions, your actions control what you experience in the real world.

So this is again all the way to beliefs, we have identified what your beliefs are that lead to reality, change those beliefs, you have different ideas, you have different functions’ are going to get different results. It’s going to be this domino effect, it’s going to have a greater impact than our environment. Our environment definitely affects us. It plants seeds and weeds in our lives but is still a choice. If you think there is no alternative, assuming that you have a chance to get out of there. When you feel like you have run out of options, remember that you do not have to.

Part of the challenge as children grow and mature is to stay in touch with those things that come naturally. First of all, it really helps you to master the important aspects of childhood desire to stop unbelief, the desire to trust yourself If you dream, you want to be able to fulfill it.

As you get really creative, you’re more adventurous, you’re more experienced, but I’m afraid, we all fear when we want to do something we have never done before. This is called leaving our comfort zone, our comfort zone is comfortable because we have been living in it for a long time.

Who do I want to be? I can love, I want to love, I want to give more love, parts of development are still available to them.

If you really put your hands on your heart and walk away, I am where I want to be. You stop losing in the future, you start to worry about the past and everything you need to learn, everything you read to change now, all of this is OK, all of it is here now.

Don’t fight it, face it. And when the feelings come, invite them. It’s okay to not forgive without anger, you will perceive that anger. Don’t be afraid to be angry. There is an expression as opposed to despair.

A hobby is an antidote to self-doubt because when you are in a place where your passion is, you do not have time to speak negatively. When you are in a place where your passion is, you know, you are moving forward in the world.

I’m not very good at it, it doesn’t work for other people. All such negative thoughts silence people. They do not go for their dreams. They respond to life. They crawl through life without excitement, a kind of energy, and confidence in themselves or a chance to get any better.

When you say it yourself, I really should. You realize you are not forward or backward. And you also surpass yourself by attending to yourself. I want self-love to be pushing yourself, stretching your back, and reaching out.

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