Change Your Life By Changing Your Attitude

There’s going to be things that come along that flat you so hard you won’t believe it. And then you are not happy, and life is meant to be happy. Well in those situations, what are you doing?  Why even live? But life isn’t to be happy. If you’re happy you’re bloody fortunate. And you should enjoy it because it is the grace of God.

So to speak, with regards to, to meaning, we’ll have a choice, choice number one, nothing you do means anything. The alternative is everything you do matters. In fact, if you make a mistake, it’s a real mistake. If you betray someone, you incline the world a little more towards evil than good. It matters what you do. Well, if you buy it, you can live a meaningful life.

I want people not to be afraid of themselves. Your position is not defined by who you are, You define who you are.

Our lives are about feeling good, not about just who we are about just feeling good about everything that’s supposed to feel right. The mindset I’m defining as what’s possible in your life, right, think about the area that you’re not making progress in. And mindset is, the set of assumptions and attitudes we have around something around how the world works, especially what we believe is possible, what we believe we’re capable of what we believe we deserve.

If you are a victim, you have to grab and throw any rope, at an angle. Do not sacrifice your stability. What you usually want to understand is that you want to recover, which is a step towards a kind of visual goal. The recurring small earned benefits are very powerful. And you can look at your life and you can see what isn’t right about it, you know, you have to look, and then you can start to fix that. And the way you tackle it is that whatever you can do is really okay.

Luck is a definite part of our life, it is part of both luck and evil. But by definition, you have no control over your destiny. And your habits are also important. This is because I think they deserve to be focused and understood that they are a part of your life, which also determines your outcomes. It’s not just luck, it’s not just habits, it’s one of those people in control of you.

There’s a difference between knowing something and walking in your heart and your body. And so what keeps us from mastery sometimes, is this idea that, oh, I know this already, you know, go get to the other stuff that you’re really holding back. But these are the basics that the masters really get excel at. If you ask yourself, how come I could never do this, or how come I could never be this person, or how come I can’t earn this money, your brain’s gonna find evidence to support that if you knew how truly powerful your mind was, you wouldn’t say or think something you didn’t want to be true.

Because we often see in front of us the approach we need to take. And it creates a kind of barrier that people know and are familiar with. But you can change something in yourself, it may be outside of new theories, some new skills will take you further.

Your results in life often lag behind your habits. A lot of people talk about this, you know, I want to make more money, or I want to lose weight, or I want some results. The truth is, your bank account is a big measure of your financial habits. Your weight is a large measure of your eating habits. Your knowledge is a large measure of your learning and reading habits. So it really makes you think that the thing that needs to change is the bank account or the test score or the scale number. But really, the thing that needs to change is the habits that precede those results.

Everything you did during this time is really there. It’s repetitive, it’s a reproduction of what you subconsciously believe you deserve and what is possible for your life.

Mindset is the area of possibility, the mindset really is the what and the who you are. They say the two most powerful words in the English language or are the shortest “I am”. Because everything you put in after that is your life. It means that the choices you make are important, that you are responsible for your decisions. This means that when you do something wrong, it is wrong. Okay, do you want this?

Is the first thing that prevents us from doing something is the mentality that we do not deserve? Or it’s not possible, right? The second force that traps us is your motivation. And the motivation for me is not something where you get really excited. I believe there’s a formula for sustainable motivation. And it’s these three things, this is the formula to be motivated. It’s reasons, times, energy,  small simple steps.

But usually, when you get what you want, the fire goes out. So if there’s anything, just find joy, in what you do for the sake of it, and then recognize how you’re being shaped in the process. And hopefully, you will become a better man through it.

Every action you take is like voting for the person you want. Learn to do the right things. If you can learn the right habits, you can start voting for this new identity, you want the person you want to be like a real behavioral change, actually change the identity, because once you change that inner story, it is easy to show everything today.

Happiness is a side effect. It’s not a thing in itself. This is something that comes to you. It is a kind act in some sense. You can not keep yourself happy, the most effective tool to lead a good life, which is not equal to the pursuit of happiness, is to accept things like maximum responsibility.


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