Mother! (2017) Review

Movie: Mother
year: 2017
genre: psychological horror
director/writer: Darren Aronofsky
protagonist: Jennifer Lawrence

The special thing about this film is that it starts from where it ends. Like in the season of Dark, the starting point of the universe was due to an accident. Here, the mother has to die. Because her heart is the cause of the universe. Something unexpected happens that the viewer is amazed … that is, the movie is a complete roller coaster ride.

I will not tell the story of the film here at all so that this spoiler is free.

This movie is completely different … if one watches this movie without knowing its theme, one may go crazy till the end scene. Which makes a person wonder how anyone can do such a thing.
This can be seen from two perspectives …

This film is based on metaphor … that is, its theme is metaphorical … and each of its characters does not seem to be what it looks like … but represents something or someone else. Not only the character but every action is metaphorical … and it is very interesting …

Its theme is the relationship between Adam and Eve since man ate the grain of wheat … the quarrel between Abel and Cain and the destruction of this earth at the hands of man till now … but in the film, because literary like Metaphor The device has been used so nowhere does it give a glimpse of a historical event..but in the film, we see a couple where the woman is a housewife and the man is very kind to everyone who comes… That’s where we see people’s behavior in this film, which is very strange… And when he sees the above-mentioned theme out of his mind, he wants to get upset and when he is so polite, he starts getting angry…

This difficult and different film has been made with great skill.

Mother! (2017)
Source: IMDb

There are two main characters in this film … one is Nature and the other is Creator. Has been shown … so we know as much as he knows… we can feel every pain of nature. We are as ignorant of the Creator’s wisdom as Nature…
which is named as Mother in the film while we know the Creator as HIM. In the very first scene of the film, under a loop process, the mother is born with a tail at home. Yes, and from here we see a view of a house which is in the middle of a garden, from where there is no way to go back and forth ie Eden Garden.

The mother always decorates herself and the house. She does all the repair work herself. The mother never leaves the house even we have her connection. We feel from this house where she feels her heart beating in its walls. As soon as the house is damaged, the mother looks weak to us.

But here we can’t ignore the Creator,  who is kind to everyone but since we are watching this movie from the mother’s point of view, we often get angry at HIM that those people Why is he so kind despite being so annoying?
But if we watch this movie from HIS point of view, then we will find this movie very different. So I suggest you watch this movie from both perspectives.

There are some metaphorical characters in the film that I describe here…
Mother = Nature
HIM = creator / God’s nature
Their baby / their house = Earth
First visitor = Hazrat Adam
His wife = Eve
Their boys = Habeel and Qabeel
Other visitors = people of Earth
The stone that broke = that tree of wheat

I haven’t told the story here so that your film doesn’t taste bad  and believe me, the film is very different from its theme. The film has a different story that’s why this is an interesting movie.

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