Mulholland Drive 2001 Review

“A man’s attitude determines to a large extent how his life will be”

I watched the movie Mulholland Drive, rolled my eyes twice, rewinding it again, and came to the question of why this movie has been given so much hype that I don’t understand. Hey brother, if you understand, nothing is difficult. If I may say so, what I understand from this movie is that the whole movie revolves around the dialogue described above.

First of all, let us understand the meaning behind this sentence and what else can happen which is not in this sentence.
“A person’s attitude determines what his life should be like” but why is this sentence included to a large extent? That is, not only attitude but also some work of destiny, we assume. 10% will be, the remaining 90% will follow human behavior. Now let’s see the same thing fit in every character.

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* If you want to find life, first try to find yourself, life is within you.

First, take Rita, an accident took away her identity which she was trying to find, luck played with her a little bit, her attitude continued to provoke her to find herself and that’s it. Under the circumstances, he got a daughter who later fell in love with him.

* It is not necessary to do good for a purpose every time, sometimes some good things are selfless which makes you a good person.

Betty came to Hollywood to make a name for herself, so why did she come up with the idea of ​​helping Rita? Perhaps because she knew the value of identity, Betty’s “good” attitude was determined by what she wanted to do as her relationship with Rita grew stronger. Luckily Rita was brought to Betty’s room, otherwise, Rita could have gone somewhere else.

* In fact, nothing happens, but it has an effect.

Dean’s reaction to his dream shows how much a person’s inner fear affects him who at one point eats it completely. Luckily, there is no placebo effect in English to get rid of your fear, but that was the effect.

 You have to commit more sins to cover up one sin.

When greed becomes a human trait, he never misses an opportunity, he can kill anyone if he sees a little benefit and he can kill more to cover up this murder. Here again, came the attitude that killed three people to get the Black Book and became a killer, bad luck had to kill three instead of one.

* The one who gives instructions also needs someone.

Adam, being a director, is taking instructions from someone else. The fate of the entire film crew is in his hands, except for one girl. Now Adam’s attitude here determines which path he chooses, on which his future life depends entirely.

* Life is a mirage, I don’t know when the candle of this lamp will go out.

What happened in the theater was telling people that life is like this opera, one day it is going to end, live it in such a way that some names are left behind. Attitudes are being determined and it is also being told that everything is written in destiny, it is just recording.

Now let’s discuss some things.

* If you want to see the helplessness of a person, hold the key to him, but do not tell him what his lock is.

The blue key is shown again and again in the movie, but the lock is found by the one who finds himself. The situation that befalls Betty in the opera is what brings her to this blue box, otherwise before that the same question as to which lock is the key. Then the same blue key that Betty, who later plays Diana, finds in the last scene, but she still doesn’t get the lock, but the question is, what is the key to that and in the next scene? An ugly man sees a blue box with a key in it. What I understand is that by issuing a death warrant for someone unjustly, you fall into the abyss of ugliness and the result is shame, guilt, and then death.

Betty and Diana got the key throughout the movie, once her good behavior locked her up, another time her bad behavior killed her inwardly.

This is my theory that I understood after watching the movie. you can share your reviews about the film in the comment section below.


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