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Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece
Love is the only thing we are capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of space and time …

The near future is when environmental pollution has made it difficult to live on Earth. Due to dust storms, no crop grows except maize, and people are suffering from diseases. Humanity has lost its credibility in science and human beings have re-entered the agricultural age and scientific education has become secondary.

Joseph Cooper, a retired NASA pilot, lives in his farmhouse with his father-in-law and two children and farms on this dying land. Murphy, Cooper’s 10-year-old daughter, often has the illusion that there is a ghost in her room who tries to send her a message via codes.

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One day after a dust storm, Joseph Cooper and Murphy, who love science, see in their living room library that a pattern of dust has formed and the light is banding due to gravity. The pattern is actually a binary code that identifies a place on Earth through geographical coordinates. When Cooper and Murphy go there, it turns out that even in this age of scientific uncertainty, some NASA scientists have been working on a project to save humanity for the past ten years, that is, to find a safe haven for humanity outside of Earth. Of NASA Head Professor John Brand offers Cooper to become the pilot of this project.

Cooper is full of support for becoming a pilot, but Murphy stops him from going because she thinks he will never meet again. Cooper says that when she is old enough, he will come back after solving the Gravity Equation and they will build a new house away from the earth.

Dr. Brand Cooper tells us that 48 years ago, an intelligent creature near Saturn created a wormhole, and scientists hope to find a few near the black hole in the galaxy on its other side, called Gargantua. There are planets where human life can survive. NASA had earlier sent some scientists across the wormhole to explore the planets, and after receiving a positive message from Miller, Edmunds, and Mann, Dr. Brand Cooper and his team set out on a mission.

A wormhole is actually a three-dimensional sphere that reduces the distance by twisting space-time like a piece of paper. To understand wormholes, take the example of an insect in an apple. There are two ways for an insect to move from one place to another in an apple. One is to set the whole circus furnace on the surface of the apple from one side to the other or to make a hole in the middle of the apple from one side to the other. Get out and the path will be less than halfway. This is the wormhole. However, for wormholes, it is important to control gravity so that space-time can be customized.

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Cooper and his team, which includes Dr. Emilia Brand (Dr. Brand’s daughter), Dr. Doyle, Dr. Romeli, and two robots “Taurus” and “Case”, pass through the wormhole through their spaceship “Endurance” to the galaxy. They cross over to where they encounter a supermassive black hole with three or four planets living very easily near the event horizon.

Event Horizon is a halo of light around a black hole formed by the light of near-swallowing stars – these stars revolve around a black hole and eventually fall into a black hole and perish.

However, Cooper leaves Dr. Romeli on an endorsement with Dr. Emilia, Dr. Doyle, and a robot Taurus to explore the possibility of life on Dr. Miller’s planet. Worse, the few hours spent there are equivalent to many years spent on Earth (read Special Theory of Relativity for reference).

Dr. Miller’s visit to the planet reveals that there is water but it is impossible to live there due to gravity storms. Meanwhile, Dr. Doyle dies in a sudden tidal storm, while Cooper and Emilia barely survive and arrive on the ship about 23 years later.
Dr. Brand’s plan was to solve a gravitational equation to move all humans to other possible planets, otherwise, Plan B was to create new colonies using frozen human cells.

Now that 23 years have passed on Earth, Cooper’s daughter Murphy has grown up and become a scientist. The data needed to do so can only be obtained from inside a black hole – she accuses Cooper and Emilia of deliberately leaving Earthlings to die.

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Here Emilia tells Cooper that Plan A never existed. We have human DNA in the ship and the earth is destined to be destroyed. He will use this DNA to create new human populations, but Cooper does not give up and tries to find signs of life on Dr. Mann’s planet because he is constantly receiving positive signals from there.
But going there, it turns out that Dr. Mann sent the wrong data. In fact, he wants to go back to Earth – and in a fight between them, Dr. Romeli and Dr. Mann are killed and the dock of the spaceship is not properly closed. Due to which half the ship is destroyed.

The next planet was Edmunds’ planet, but to reduce the excess weight due to insufficient fuel and damaged spacecraft, Cooper jumps out of the spaceship with “Taurus” and Emilia goes to Edmunds with the “Case” robot, while Cooper Due to its proximity to the Horizon, the event reaches the black hole’s tesseract – and another 51 years pass on Earth.

Tesarekt is a 4-dimensional space that is considered free from the constraints of time and place – apparently looking like a library that held all the moments of the past – here Cooper guesses that Murphy’s room The ghost was actually himself.

In front of Cooper, the moments of his life are happening where he and Murphy were going to NASA’s secret headquarters. Joseph first stops himself from going there but no one hears him. He then transmits the data obtained with the help of Taurus to Murphy’s watch via Morse code so that gravity can be ticked. Murphy solves that equation and Joseph unknowingly come out of the wormhole near Saturn where a ship rescues him.

When Cooper rises again, he is in a different place called the Cooper Colony, which Murphy named after him, and there are thousands of such colonies throughout the solar system. Dr. Joseph tells Cooper that he has been rescued and that Dr. Murphy is still in the colony and wants to meet. He Visits Joseph Murphy where 90-year-old Murphy meets his 35-year-old father. This scene is tearful.

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In the last scene, Cooper goes in search of Dr. Emilia, who is on a planet and has started a new life with DNA.

The film’s executive producer is Cup Thorne, a well-known theoretical physicist and has won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his supermassive black hole theory. The music for the film was composed by a legend and the script was written by Christopher and Joseph Nolan. You know Joseph Nolan from the West.

The film has a place in physics due to its so many practical images of black holes and wormholes and so far more than three research papers have been published on this film. The film manages to capture the essence of Hawking Radiation and is perhaps the most scientifically accurate movie ever made.

Finally two questions …

1. How can planets so close to the super-messsive black hole event Horizon survive?
2. Why is there no reference to this movie in a single episode of Big Bang Theory?


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