Slay Your Inner Demons

Take full responsibility for everything in your life. Accept your being and the circumstances you are in. Take control of yourself and make up your mind that you’re going to take yourself where you want to go. We have two ultimate choices in life, we can either accept situations as they exist, or we can do the efforts to change them in our favor.

Well, you should be afraid to take risks and doing something meaningful. But you should be more afraid of staying in the same environment which is making you miserable. We came into this world with nothing, no expertise, no awareness, no knowledge, nothing. We’re a lump of flesh that can hardly hold our own head up, we can’t take care of ourselves and our job. Our job isn’t to become perfect in one day, our job is to take small steps and bring improvements in ourselves gradually.

Always have the end of the movie in my head, and then filling in the script. I just had to write the script and the script might change. There might be you know, call an audible and you have to rewrite the script. But the climax of the script was always one and the same.

Excessive thinking, self-doubt, procrastination, anxiety, analysis, fear, paralysis all become thought processes and habits. The most meaningless thing people want to think about is that you have a habit of worrying, and you are not really thinkers, unless you are defined with a vision of the future, you will be left with memories of the past.

And people literally believe in their past as long as they trust their future. So they talk about their past. But they talk about the people in their future, they make love to their past and how much they love the future as well as fall in love with their past. And people who do really amazing things in their lives. He loves his future and keeps it alive in his mind.

To pursue what makes you happy is a luxury. To pursue what you find meaningful is a moral obligation. And that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It might require sacrifice. There’s still time on the clock. What’s that one experience? You think, oh man, I would never see myself doing that. But that courageous person they do that? Yes. Yes, you can.

Most of us are waiting to be ready, waiting to feel courage, waiting to feel confident, waiting for the right time. And that was never coming.

Motivation is great, if you feel inspired, waiting to be ready is a losing bet. I want everyone to understand this.

First of all, you can’t control the things that trigger you and the fact that you’re going to feel afraid, and you’re going to feel doubt, and you’re going to feel uncertain, but you can always interrupt that feeling and take control of the moment and actually shift what you’re thinking and shift how you behave.

I see a lot of people want to exempt themselves from taking responsibility. They only want to talk about the problem.  You want to take responsibility for your life. I’ve got it here, I can get out of it.

Deciding that the pattern of behavior you are adopting is not part of the work you are doing for yourself is part of the beginning of loosening yourself up. You’ve got your strategies to change and changing your strategy means strengthening your life. Being safe is not an option you want to be, you want to be indestructible and you can get into this situation with the right challenges. So you put your destiny in the world and you take the slings and arrows of destiny and you find yourself strong while doing so. And you may fail and luck will make you but this is your best bet.

The cause is greater than the effect. When people live at the cause, what do I mean by that? Well, you know, someone is living at cause in their life, when they have the results that they want. That is what separates the true greats from everyone else.

They were ready to take part in that effort, they were able to do what they could bear. How long have you been saying what can I achieve in the next 10 years? What is the amount of suffering I can put in and backbreaking work that I’m willing to endure in order to become exceptional? That’s the key is you actually have to perform.

Being miserable is a price you’re paying by sitting there. You might say, well, the devil I know is better than one I don’t it’s like. Don’t be so sure of that.

The clock is ticking, and if you are currently dissatisfied with your job and you have not changed anything in five years, you will be very happy, and you will grow a lot.

You must acknowledge no one likes to be embarrassed, and then arouse the fear of being embarrassed. But once you get over that fear of being embarrassed, it’s super liberating. And it allows you to go into the streets, otherwise, you will not go into it. And when the rock touches the bottom, you don’t have to hit it with a thud. Often, when you hit the bottom, you’ll bounce. And I think there is power right here.

When the world feels in total disorder, you always have the power to make it right. When one chapter is over, you always have the energy to write something new. When you know, you feel like nobody loves you, you have the power to learn how to love yourself. When you are forced to pause and get present and to slow down, you are reminded of what’s actually important.

A competent person can stand up to fear and volunteer for his or her own ability and the ability to succeed.

Getting started wonderfully when something can’t be done and is ready to put in the grinding work and when people can move through words they can go through it and see what is actually being used. What does this mean? Do the deep work of being good at something and get out of all the nonsense of people’s decisions and really turn inward and want to get better.

You can decide that you’re going to change, you can decide that you’re going to stand up to life. I’m in charge here. You can decide I’m going to work on me and develop myself. I’M GOING TO EMPOWER ME.

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