Stay Focused And Never Give Up

Where have you been? Where have you been up to this point?
You look at your life,  Is it giving you what you want?
Are you living on purpose?
Are you living your dream?
Are you acting on your ideas?

The most important conversation you have is the conversation you have with yourself. I want to ask you if you died now, what is it that before you take your last breath, you will regret what you didn’t do?

A lot of us run away from our fears,  and we box ourselves into a lifestyle of this is all we can do, because I’m afraid of everything outside this box. So, I’m comfortable inside this box. I jumped the box. I was sick and tired of not facing the fact that I’ve allowed life to make me feel like a loser and a lot of us allow life to do that and we accept it.

A lot of us talk about how we believe in God, we believe in something higher than us. If that is the truth, you will not allow yourself to feel that way. If you do not work hard and only focus on what is easy for your life will get more complicated and hard. People that are hungry know, if you want to be successful, you must be willing to do the things a day others won’t do, in order to have things tomorrow, others won’t have.

The antidote to despair is an action, the prescription for radical success is an action. The people you are admiring for living their dreams are not getting things without doing anything, they are battling with hardships and their action speaks.

What the world has experienced in the last five to six months is such an extreme test of tolerance, and our ability to be resilient, and ability to overcome the fear that if anyone feels that they have not held it together, they shouldn’t judge themselves.

It is so awesome, you want to see a mountain and climb it and put your flag on it. You want to build your own mountain so you can climb it and put your flag on it. But knowing why you are doing this or why you are being forced to climb mountains in the first place. You may find that people value the mountains, but you really like to see them.

We all need to understand that failure is important for development. It’s totally fundamentally important, it’s like a part you have to overcome to get reborn in a strong way.

The first thing is that you want to develop the skills to deal with that fear. Most of our reactions freeze, we get stuck, or run away, we run away and we try to avoid these problems, or we bury ourselves and we try and forget and it creates more fear to worry about our reactions.

Life means to grow. And if you do not develop through small, growing changes that lead to big changes over time, you are probably dead. And it really shouldn’t be anyone’s goal. Keep your head down, take the pain and eventually, it will pay off.

You know how to be a man, you are always yourself, but you do not need to move in your life. And this is yours. Do not call anyone else just like you. So, when you start looking at people, look at each other as a model, you can see who they are adding to their uniqueness by creating, and then understand what the divine work in your life is.

What do you need to do more of? Who do you need to be more of?
What do you need to exempt from your behavior?
Why do we fear the darkness?

Because it’s unknown, why do we fear what’s beyond our solar system? Because we don’t know, it’s when we don’t know that we’re in fear. We have to withstand strenuous and difficult things. There’s something really powerful about failing and about figuring out how to harness that energy into fuel inside of you to just push you, it’s really hard.

It is insane for me to live in a state where we ignore our own lives and feelings. In fact, we are afraid to be in touch with our fears, we are afraid to be close to and present our fears. This is where trying to keep fear in the back of our minds. We will try and run away from it.

If you can get to the point where you can tell, I’ve already had some discomfort, or I’m already done something I did not think I could do. There are no skills that even the cock that tries can do. But still, conditions intervened and I was forced. I have already done these things. Proof of the concept already exists. So what’s the reason I believe it will not work again. Not only watching our achievements, and appreciating them, but realizing that the new challenges are actually old dragons, we have done very little.

You and every person has every attribute you have changed, you have not been served. You have to face it. You have to thank me for leading me to this stage. But I have to leave you here to get there.

So if you walk alone for a while, and you will, and you will share your vision with someone and they will not get it. They can’t get it. They cannot get your attention because your vision is given to you. And I didn’t want to leave until my days were over, and he said I kept something. Your big height comes, in a combination, AND I’M READY.

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Khurum Khan is a Blogger and Event Expert. He is working on different events of whole world on my own blogs since 2016. This time he is currently working on Holly Festival 2020 and National Armed Forces Day.

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