What Is Acne And How To Treat It.

At some point when we are all teenagers, we all suffer from acne or at least worry about acne. So, today we sit down and deal with acne and see that it is not such a big problem.

Everything You Need To Know About Acne

Acne or pimples is one of the most psychologically distressing common problems which all of us have faced at some point in our life. So, what exactly is acne, and how does it happen?

We all have appendages on the skin and one of the appendages is your oil glands or sebaceous glands. The sebaceous gland is like a small tunnel at the bottom, where sebaceous sebum or sebaceous secretion is released and then comes out through an opening called the pores of the skin you see.

Oily skin makes you see the pore more open because this gland is more active and the gland is larger, therefore, the base type is larger with more activity and grows wider with more sebum opening. So, when you look at the wide-open really wide, its skin is very oily and because this oil is on top, it is covered with dead skin.
With cells and fat, it looks white or a commodore. As there is a small aperture at the top it becomes blackhead and commodore again when it is oxidized. When this secretion is infected inside Bacteria when it comes to acne or pimples.

Face Mapping

Some people, in their 20s, may still be wondering why you are getting pimples all over the place and it will keep coming back again and again. Sometimes you see a lot of bumps on everyone’s forehead and they are caused by fungus. It is a fungus that is commonly found on the skin and scalp and changes over time during periods of moisture or stress and migrates down the margins of the forehead and hair and is called preauricular folliculitis.

Very few people see a deep rash or deep rash just below or between the eyebrows. This is because of:

  1. If there is a big quantity of sugar in their diet
  2. and Stress

So stay away from refined foods.

Then we come to the nose. The nose is a prominent area on the face. Now sometimes you see one
Normal redness and sometimes this redness spreads to the cheeks or sometimes you may have some bumps or some pimples on the nose and this is a called rosacea. This is due to the acidity in the stomach.

Second, sometimes they get small red rashes on the cheeks of and this is due to too much sunlight. By the age of 20 or 22, they only have blackheads and whiteheads and the reason is that comedogenic creams or makeup do not match their skin and it goes by the name of acne cosmetics.

The People on the chain getting lots of zits along the jawline. Some girls get acne one week before the menstrual period and this is hormonal acne that is premenstrual syndrome. A rare abnormality of the thyroid leads to these deep vibrations along the jaw and chin.

Causes Of Acne

So, what causes acne? It can be food or a condition.

1.Harmonal Imbalance

In some cases, we have a hormonal imbalance. One of the em is insulin resistance. So, if our teens or any adults have high insulin levels, they will get more pimples because if they have a sugary meal, they will produce extra excess insulin, which can cause bad acne.

2. Skin Is Not Cleansed Properly

Your thyroid may not work and therefore your skin may be too oily or too dry and later cause acne. It could be your polycystic ovary syndrome, which is one of the most common things happening today, meaning that your ovaries are becoming cystic and therefore they are producing extra female and male extra hormones. And if you have put on some weight and you are obese the female hormone which is produced is again turned into testosterone in the peripheral fat.

Therefore, if you do not keep your skin really clean, it will cause the oil to accumulate on its own, which will stop further and therefore cause acne-infected inflammation.

3.Release Of Stress Hormones

In addition, it may be a hormone released during stress, whether physical or mental. It can cause acne again.

4. Extreme Environmental Changes

The more makeup you put on, the more change, the more dust, the more pollution around you, the more the skin can react extraordinarily

So do all oily skins end up having Pimples? No, not necessarily. If you have oily skin and if you know how to take care of it in terms of using the right face wash in terms of using the right lotions it may not really end up having pimples on it.

Tips To Avoid Acne

  1. With Anti-dandruff shampoo wash your hair two to three times a week.
  2. Stay away from too many sugars.
  3. Do not apply greasy applications on the scalp. Because this is not agreeing with you and this is promoting the overgrowth of this PT Roseboro.
  4. Use a mild face wash
  5. Use a sunscreen
  6. Topical application of metronidazole and colic acid helps with redness and prevents the formation of pimples on the nose, it helps with stress, sun exposure, spicy food, spirits, high alcohol, and three Cs coffee, cheese, chocolate.Stay away from all these factors and you are about to clean your nose. People who get it, again and again, applying cream on the face, should call it non-comedogenic. Yes, you get cream by saying it is non-comedogenic, you call makeup non-comedogenic and stay away from creamy cosmetics and you can use lotion or liquid.

Acne-Fighting Foods

Certain foods can help you if you regularly include them in your diet for your acne problem. So there
are two vitamins and two minerals which especially helped the introduction of acne. In minerals, we have selenium and zinc and in vitamins, we have vitamins E and C.


So what are the sources of selenium?  Onion, garlic, and whole-grain food contain selenium. Zinc is abundant in
seafood, lamb, spinach, mushroom, and, pumpkin so make sure you include that food in your diet. 4


Vitamin E and C. Foods which are rich in vitamin E are green leafy vegetables, nuts especially almonds, tofu, and fish.  abundant in tomatoes, Amla, berries like strawberry, and oranges contain vitamin C.

I hope this article helps you stay healthy.

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