Why Should We Cut Down On Sugar? Here Are 7 Reasons We Are Going To Discuss

Definitely, it can be hard to reduce sugar in your diet. I know because I’ve been there. Of all the things that I’ve done for a healthier lifestyle, reducing sugar… although it’s been the most challenging, it has had the most benefits. And today I am going to share 7  benefits of reducing your sugar intake.

Before starting now, I must say a very important thing. This article is about reducing the Intake of the added. What is added sugar? So added sugar is the sugar you get in processed foods Breakfast cereals, candy. It is also the sugar used for cooking at home so it can be the sugar you add to your baking or your tea.

Here I am not talking about sugar in whole foods. That is not an added sugar. for example, sugar in blueberries is not an added sugar. Another example, sugar in carrots… also not an added sugar. So I am not talking about sugar in whole food but instead I am gonna discuss reducing added sugar.

It’s because the sugar in whole foods impacts your body differently… it has vitamins and minerals and fiber and it does not have the same negative effects that added sugar has.  Now that you know the context let’s discuss the reasons you should reduce sugar in your food.

1. Reducing sugar intake may reduce acne and help you get clearer skin

Now when it comes to clearing the skin there are clearly a lot, many different factors but what about sugar? Some research shows that people who eat a lot of sugar have a higher risk of developing acne. In a 2012 study, the risk of getting acne was 30 percent higher in adolescents who ate more sugar.

Now does this mean that sugar can cause acne? No, this is not what the study is saying, it is saying that there is a union. More sugar = more likely to get pimples.

When I reduced my sugar intake, I added five grams of sugar per day to 80 grams of sugar. I have now discovered that it has a difference in my skin. I don’t do that often, so give it a shot.

Since we are talking about acne, here I would like to mention the other thing that added sugar is not the only reason for acne, refined carbohydrates too have been shown to have an association with more acne.  So, if you are only reducing added sugar and not reducing refined carb you will not see enough of a benefit. So definitely try reducing both your sugar intake and your refined carbohydrate intake and see if that helps your skin.

2. Reducing sugar may help you lose belly fat and lose weight

So when it comes to weight loss, it depends on a lot of different factors. These different things affect weight loss. Now, what does science have to say about weight loss and sugar? Therefore, there is evidence to show that people who consume more sugar in the form of beverages, especially sugary drinks, are overweight than those who do not consume more sugar. And I definitely found it in my case personally.

When I have more sugar I tend to be a higher weight and when I reduced my added sugar intake my weight did go down. So if that’s something that you’re struggling with your weight… try to reduce your sugar intake especially the beverages because that is where it’s very very easy to overdo the sugar and overdo the calories.

Now there is also evidence to show that people who consume more sugar in the form of beverages..sugary beverages tend to have more belly fat.

3. Reducing your sugar intake can give you better energy levels

When you eat a diet that’s high in added sugar and refined carbs your energy levels are not very stable… there’s a lot of fluctuation. So when you eat something like let’s say a sugary breakfast cereal… you have a lot of energy initially and then you will have that crash and then you will feel tired and for getting more energy you will again go for more sugar.

So a lot of people have a sugary snack around 11… 11:30 with their coffee.. this is why because they’ve experienced that crash and now they need more sugar to bring up their sugar levels. So I do think that there’s a lot of benefit in reducing your added sugar intake as well as a refined carb intake so that your energy levels are not fluctuating as much.

When your blood sugar level fluctuates violently, your energy level starts to fluctuate and if you want to stabilize it .. the best thing you can do is lower than sugar and reduce the refined carbohydrates.

4. Reducing your sugar intake may help avoid premature skin aging

Skin aging is a normal part of life, there’s nothing wrong with it. We’re all going to get wrinkles but we all want to prevent premature skin aging. So what causes premature skin aging? Well a lot of things and one of them is eating more sugar.

So there is a process called glycation in the body and it weakens your collagen and causes your skin
Creating sag and wrinkles. What happens when you have too much sugar? Well, the glycation rate increases, and when you have a high rate of glycation, you get those wrinkles and come off much faster. So if you don’t want premature skin aging it is better to reduce your sugar intake and your refined carb intake.

I’m sure it makes a very big difference. When I was in my 20s and even my teen years I used to have a lot of sugar and I always looked 5 to 10 years older than my age. Obviously, other factors were at play too but I always looked older, and now that I’m in my late 30s… I actually don’t look older than my age or I have been told I don’t look older than my age and I do account for the reduced sugar in my diet as well as other things too for that.

So if you are trying to ward off premature aging, a good idea is to reduce your added sugar and refined carbs.

5. Reducing your sugar intake can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes

Now type 2 diabetes is a complex disease dependent on many, many different things. Your stress levels your diet, your genetics, lifestyle.., and lots of different things. What does science have to say about sugar? Now while sugar is not the cause of type 2 diabetes… that is not clear in the science… there is an association. People who have more added sugar especially in the form of beverages tend to have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

So if you are worried about type 2 diabetes it is a good idea to reduce your added sugar intake and also your refined carbohydrate intake. Out of all the things that I’ve discussed in this article for me this is the most important reason for reducing my added sugar intake. Both my parents had type 2 diabetes and they died young.. so for me, it’s a very important thing to reduce my risk.

If you didn’t know type 2 diabetes does have a potential genetic link. In one study, they found that people who had one parent with type 2 diabetes had a 40 greater risk of type 2 diabetes, and people who had two parents with type 2
diabetes had a 70 percent greater risk.

6. Reducing your sugar intake can lower your risk of depression and may result in better moods

Consuming more processed foods, especially sugary foods, has been shown to increase the risk of depression. So if this is the case for you, it is a good idea to reduce your sugar intake and therefore most processed foods are associated with depression.

Personally, I have found that your diet is not nutrient-intensive if you consume a large amount of food and my mood is very good when I increase the consumption of whole foods .. it is very stable. So I’m sure it’s worth reducing your extra sugar intake because of this.

7. Reducing your added sugar intake can reduce the risk of heart disease

Although heart disease depends on many different factors, there is some evidence that most sugar eaters are at risk for heart disease. A 2014 study of 30,000 people found that people who ate 17 to 21 calories of sugar had a 38 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease than those who ate less sugar.

So if you have heart disease in the family or you usually suffer from heart disease .. then it is better to reduce your sugar intake. I have heart disease in my family, so this is another reason to reduce my sugar intake.

Now the list of reasons I have mentioned is not exhaustive at all. There are definitely other benefits of reducing sugar. Improved dental health .. Improved kidney health … The list goes on.


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